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6 reasons why WordPress is better than other CMS

6 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Other CMS

In 2022, starting a website is pretty easier than ever. There are a lot of CMS platforms you can choose from. And most of them…

Naitik Semwal May 19, 2020 0

Installing a WordPress Theme – DIY Guide for Beginners

You have your Hosting setup and installed a fresh WordPress on your site. Now the next thing is to install a WordPress theme. But before…

Naitik Semwal September 20, 2019 0
WordPress theme detector tool

WordPress Theme Detector – Know What Theme a Site is Using

Many times it happens that you visit a site and get so impressed with its design. You become so curious to know which theme the…

Naitik Semwal July 9, 2018 3

Why do you need a custom WordPress theme ?

You’ve created your account on WordPress and are ready to take off. You chose your favorite WordPress theme and found something lacking. You want to…

Priyanka Jamoli June 21, 2018 0
Spiracle Themes 2.0 1

Spiracle Themes 2.0

  Hey there! We just decided to redesign our website in order to spice things up. Do check out the changes. This is in keeping…

Naitik Semwal November 16, 2016 0
All you need to know about domains and hosting 2

All you need to know about domains and hosting

  Now that you are determined on creating a website, it is of utmost importance that you know a bit about domains and hosting. So,…

Naitik Semwal October 26, 2016 0
Just installed Wordpress? Now What Next 3

Just installed WordPress? Now What Next

  So you have a new installation of WordPress in your domain. What to do next? In this post, we will help you customize your…

Naitik Semwal October 21, 2016 0
The definite advantages of using Wordpress 4

The definite advantages of using WordPress

  If you don’t live under a rock, you probably have heard about WordPress. But if you want a website created using WordPress you got…

Naitik Semwal October 18, 2016 0
Website Creation Process - How a website is created ? 5

Website Creation Process – How a website is created ?

  Step 1. Project Requirements This the phase when you(client) talks to (Spiracle Themes or any other web design and development agency ). You communicate to…

Naitik Semwal October 14, 2016 0
Spiracle Themes - An Introduction 6

Spiracle Themes – An Introduction

  Hi, We are Spiracle Themes. There’s quite a bit to know about us but first things first Who are we exactly? At Spiracle Themes…

Naitik Semwal October 12, 2016 0
Why do I need a website ? 7

Why do I need a website ?

  I don’t know why do you need a website. Here’s why I built mine. 1. I don’t want to lose business Most of my…

Naitik Semwal October 11, 2016 0