WordPress vs Wix – Which is the Best Website Builder in 2022

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Are you planning to build your very first website or blog? Which website builder would you like to choose? Website building actually begins with choosing the right platform. You must have already gone down the Google rabbit hole of finding all the best website builders that can help you. WordPress and Wix are the two most popular and highly recommended website builders in 2022. But which of the two works better or which best suits your needs more, we will find out in this article. Here we are going to compare WordPress vs Wix thoroughly. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to choose the best website builder for your new website or blog.

WordPress vs Wix – Thorough Comparison

WordPress and Wix both are immensely popular as a website builder.

WordPress is probably the best CMS (content management system) platform in the world, with almost 40% of the market share. This means the world’s 40% of websites are designed on WordPress. WordPress is commonly used as a website builder using which you can create websites and blogs without requiring any prior designing knowledge. Although WordPress is the most popular CMS cum website builder, it is not the only option you are left with.

Wix, on the other hand, is not a CMS but a clean website builder. In fact, it is known as the best website builder in the world. With Wix, it is very easy to create a website, blog, and even an online store. Although WordPress and Wix both are different platforms, they share one common goal – helping you simply create stunning and professional-looking websites.

So let’s compare WordPress vs Wix on different factors, and find out which website builder is the best option for you.

#1 – Ease of Use

When choosing between website builders, usability is the topmost concern for any user.

If you compare WordPress vs Wix, both have easy-to-use interfaces, making the web building experience effortless. Wix is a straightforward and smooth platform that anyone can use. The entire editing process is visual, and changes can be made there and then similar to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. By only answering a few questions, Wix can have a website tailored to your needs using artificial intelligence.

If you wish to make changes, elements can be resized and moved in a click, on the contrary, you will not find a drag and drop page builder, but multiple menus in WordPress. The recently launched Gutenberg editor has improved the experience, but you will still have to switch pages to preview your work that can get slightly annoying. Simply put WordPress has a more complicated system as pages need to be built from scratch.

This is a plus if you know your way around coding as you can customize nearly anything to suit yourself. At the same time, this can be time-consuming to learn. For ease of use, we definitely give it to Wix by a huge margin.

#2 – Pricing

After comparing WordPress vs Wix on the usability factor, let’s find out which is more affordable or costworthy.

Although WordPress and Wix use different methods for pricing, they are definitely comparable. Wix offers a free basic website builder but with ads stapled on your website and no custom domain, leaving your audience unimpressed. Starting from $4 a month, you will get everything that you need including hosting, themes, and storage. In the seven premium plans offered, the Wix app store is not covered in the plans, though most of the apps are free.

On the other hand, WordPress requires you to have to pay for each extra feature that you may need, hosting providers like Bluehost charge around $10 a month. The cost increases as you add plugins like wp forms which start at $40 a year. When these additional charges pile on using WordPress can turn out to be more of an investment. Still, this allows for more flexibility as you can choose from more contract durations and spend only on the features that you need. So obviously, WordPress beats Wix here.

#3 – eCommerce Support

If you are looking to start an online business, you would be interested to know which website builder is better for eCommerce.

When using Wix, all you need to do is sign up for an eCommerce plan. You will find a built-in eCommerce engine, and so you are going to be ready to modify the main store page. This includes managing orders stock and statistics. There are more third-party apps available in the app store that can be used, but they do only add to the cost.

WordPress is a little bit different in comparison. It uses eCommerce plugins instead. The most commonly used option is WooCommerce which makes the process fairly simple by putting multiple features at your disposal. Other available plugins include Shopify and Cart66. WordPress also offers slightly better SEO through Yoast. This is incredibly important as a business never grows without recognition. As a result, WordPress is a more powerful and flexible option. So it is safe to say that WordPress takes the lead when it comes to eCommerce support.

#4 – Data Migration

Your website’s data may need to be transferred at any given time, possibly when you have to switch to a different host or platform.

Although Wix supports data migration, it offers very limited options. Blog posts can be exported in XML format, in fact, that is the only piece of content that you can export. All other content will need to be downloaded including videos, images, and pages.

On the other hand, WordPress is quite the opposite as transferring data is super easy. You can easily export all your data with one click. The WordPress database can fully be backed up, and various plugins are available to perform data migration seamlessly. After successful data migration, you will be able to move the entire website to a new host. So if you do expect to move your content in the future, choosing WordPress is a no-brainer.

#5 – Customer Support

If you happen to get stuck on your website building venture, you will need support from somewhere to carry on.

Wix offers 24 x 7 customer support in all their plans, and some include VIP support that gives you prioritized treatment. The team can be contacted via call or by email, and multiple guides can also be found on their website. As there are a few compatibility issues on Wix, your issues will possibly be solved in no time.

As WordPress is open-source software, they do not have a dedicated team. Instead, you will find millions of posts on the community forums. It is well known that WordPress has a large active user base. This means that you can get help from skilled developers and you can easily find solutions to common problems. However, for a personalized experience, the Wix support team will always be at your disposal. So Wix beats WordPress in terms of customer support.


Both WordPress and Wix are the best website builders, and they both score equal. So either you should choose WordPress or Wix completely depending on your needs. For example, if you are an inexperienced user, Wix is an obvious choice. But if you are more demanding on exactly what you need, a flexible WordPress might be the way to go. So that is all for our comparison of WordPress vs Wix. Which of the two website builders have you found to be more efficient, please let us know in the comments section below.

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