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Soma Documentation

You can create your website like the preview demo in just few steps 
Step 1) First of all install this theme by going to Appearance->Themes->Add New. Upload the zip or search somalite in search bar and install it
Step 2) Install and activate all the recommended plugins
Step 3) After plugins install, Go to Appearance->Import Demo Data 
Step 4) Select your demo. Click on Import Demo  button. A new window will open. Click the Continue & Import button to continue and wait for the process to finish

Note: If WooCommerce pages do not work then follow the steps below.

Step 1) Go to Woocommerce->Status. There will be 3 tabs on top ie System Status, Tools and Logs
Step 2) Click on the Tools tab
Step 3) Find Install WooCommerce pages and click on Install Pages . That’s it.


Note : You need to change the URL of some of the menu items, as the imported menu will point to the demo site. You can change menus URL by going to Appearance->Menus
Note : For Shop Demo, You also need to change the Front page to Shop manually by going to Settings->Reading

Step 1) Create new pages from Pages menu and name it Home for home page and Blog for blog page 
Step 2) Go to Settings->Reading menu and from Front page displays settings select A static page and then select Home as Front page and Blog as blog page 
Step 3) Save it

Step 1) Go to Appearance->Customize
Step 2) Click on Site Identity Tab. 
Step 3) Upload a logo of your own. 
Step 4) Save & Publish

Go to Menus from Appearance-> Menus. 
Step 1) Create a new menu. 
Step 2) Select pages from left and add it to menu 
Step 3) After this Select Theme Locations Primary from bottom and click Save Menu

Step 1) Go to Appearance->Customize
Step 2) Click on Header Styles Tab. 
Step 3) Select your header style 
Step 4) Save & Publish

Step 1) Click on Appearance -> Customize -> General Settings 
Step 2) Scroll to Home Background Image 
Step 3) Upload Image and save

Step 1) Go to Appearance->Customize->General Settings
Step 2) On scroll down, you will see options to add 2 buttons. 
Step 3) Add the url in Button URL if you want to add video on button click. For eg : 
Step 4) Click Save & Publish 

Step 1) Go to Appearance -> Customize -> General Settings 
Step 2) At bottom, you will see Enable Parallax scroll 
Step 3) Click on Yes 
Step 4) Save & Publish

Step1) Go to Appearance->Customize
Step 2) Click on Sticky Header & Logo Settings Tab 
Step 3) Change your settings 
Step 4) Save & Publish

Step 1) Click on Contact -> Add New 
Step 2) Create your new form or you can use our formSoma Documentation 1 
Step 3) Copy the shortcode 
Step 4) Open your page 
Step 5) Add this Soma: Contact Us Widget and paste this shortcode in the shortcode field
Step 6) Save

Step 1) Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Fonts Settings 
Step 2) From here you can change Body fonts, Headings fonts, Body font size and headings font size
Step 3) To Add fonts simply go to
Google Fonts 

Step 4) Select a font from there for eg Roboto

Soma Documentation 2

Step 5) After that, Select styles from the right section

Soma Documentation 3

Step 6) After selecting all the styles. Click on the top right icon to get the font family and font name

Soma Documentation 4

Step 7) Copy the code from the right section as shown in the screenshot below

Soma Documentation 5

Note: Do not include the quote and semicolon while copying it 

Step 8) Save & Publish

Step 1) Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Preloader Settings 
Step 2) Choose your settings 
Step 3) You can also upload a preloader GIF image. 
Step 4) Save & Publish 

Step 1) Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Footer Settings
Step 2) Scroll down to Footer copyrights text 
Step 3) Enter your content 
Step 4) Save & Publish

Step 1) Go to Pages menu and click on your page for eg Home 
Step 2) At the bottom you will see a section of Custom Fields
Step 3) Click on Enter New link 
Step 4) Under Name textbox enter page_description
Step 5) Write your description text in Value textbox 
Step 6) After this click on Add Custom Field button 
Step 7) Update Page 

Note: If you don’t see the Custom Fields Section then you need to go to the Screen Options at the Top Right of the page. From Screen Option section you can enable Custom Fields in your page.

Step 1) Open your page with Elementor page builder
Step 2) Add a new section
Step 3) Search for Slider in the left section of the Elementor page builder

Soma Documentation 6

Step 4) Drop it to the right section.
Step 5) Now customize the slider with the options provided

Note: The images used in the demo are for demonstration purpose only. We recommend you to use your own images. Please check image copyrights before using an image.

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