Spiracle Themes 2.0

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Hey there! We just decided to redesign our website in order to spice things up. Do check out the changes. This is in keeping with our philosophy that a design agency should always be dynamic. After a lot of thought and still more work, this is what we achieved.

1) Clean and modern UI
Our user interface has been upgraded to a modern one. The white color and the modern fonts add a clean and professional look to our website.

2) More white color for the ease of your eyes
Earlier we had a richer theme. In the upgrade, we decided to go for a cleaner look. And what is cleaner than whites. Additionally, no color provides more comfort to the human eyes.

3) Added a slider to showcase our latest theme launches
We will continue adding new themes and we want you to know about them. So, our slider will do what it does(slide.Ha!) and display our latest offerings.

4) Easy Readable blog posts
To be honest we like the way our blog posts are displayed. Secondly, we have put in efforts to make them more readable so that you can make the best out of them.

5) Extended footer
We have added 4 columns to the footer to show different information like our themes(the present and the ones about to be launched), our blog and contact us.

This we have done to facilitate things for you and make sure you do not miss anything. So what do you make of these changes? Do you like them or not(GRR!Ha!)? Let us know and enjoy the new look.

Enjoy Spiracle Themes 2.0

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