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    I was looking for a way to either turn off or control the speed of the animations (fading in when start to scroll into the page, etc…) in the various front page widgets. They are too slow or unnecessary in some widgets.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Alex,

    If you have access to your control panel and if you can edit theme files then follow the steps below

    Step 1) Go to Prasoon theme root folder ( ie wp-content/themes/prasoon )
    Step 2) Go to js folder
    Step 3) Open main.js in any text editor
    Step 4) Go to line number 160 ( ie new WOW().init(); )
    Step 5) Comment this line number 160 by adding // in front of it (eg //new WOW().init(); )
    Step 6) Save it. That’s it

    Hope this will help you


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    Thank you!

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