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    The following is an error from:

    Soft Failure An image with an insecure url of “” was loaded on line: 1076 of
    This URL will need to be updated to use a secure URL for your padlock to return.

    Can you please help me deal with this error, I have tried “better search replace” and “Update URL’s add-on but although they seemed to locate the error and said it was fixed, the error on whynopadlock is still showing and I still do not have my green padlock.

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    Spiracle Themes

    Hi Photjana,

    It seems like this image does not exists. When I tried to open this image, it shows not found error. What I have found after inspecting the HTML that you have used a cache plugin earlier but I can’t see it right now. There is a folder named cache is still there inside the wp-content folder. You have to first remove this folder.


    Second, if you’re using any cache plugin then make sure you delete all the previous cache.

    You can also use a plugin which will force all the http URL to https
    WP Force SSL

    Best Regards

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    I did it!
    I accessed file manager in Bluehost’s advanced tab and searched for the folder named cache which was inside the wp-content folder. I deleted it and now all seems fixed. Just to check I ran a scan on
    Thank you so much for your help. I have been trying to deal with this for several days. 🙂

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    Spiracle Themes

    You are welcome 🙂

    Best Regards

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