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    I am unable to edit my shop page with Elementor pro.
    It should be editable although I get a preview could not be loaded error.
    This directs me to the following page.
    I have been through their page of recommendations and tried all excluding the Changing Themes and:
    6. Solve possible theme conflict. Contact the support of your theme to make sure that the WordPress Default Loop is used in your layout.
    To me it appears a theme issue as I have no problems on other pages.
    Could you please advise?
    The page with the issue is; https://shopbeachwearonline.com/shop
    It will re-direct.
    Thank you in advance

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    Spiracle Themes

    Hi Photjana,

    The Error page you have provided is for general pages which use the WordPress loop to show content. Your page is WooCommerce page so instead of default WordPress loop, there is WooCommerce content which adds WooCommerce support to the theme, which is already there in Krystalpro theme. You can check that in root -> template-parts -> content-woocommerce.php

    Try adding a new Shop page and then add products to it using Elementor Pro.

    There is a video demonstrating how to add Product Archive in Elementor Pro. Check it

    Best Regards

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    Your reply does not make a lot of sense to me.
    It appears that the theme is preventing me from editing categories or category pages.
    The theme category pages are very basic and look aweful. Please compare one of my product pages to one of my category pages and you should understand what I mean.
    I need to edit the look of my category pages, at the moment I cannot do anything to improve the look.
    Please advise.
    I really dont want to have to change my theme as other aspects of this theme are great.
    I lookforward to hearing from you.

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    Spiracle Themes

    Hi Photjana,

    Please provide your admin credentials and we will look into this issue.
    You can send credentials at our email support@spiraclethemes.com

    We may need to deactivate a few plugins temporarily to check the issue.

    Best Regards

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