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WordPress Theme Detector – Know what theme a site is using

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You came across a WordPress site and thought – “what an awesome looking site!” .You are planning to get the exact theme for your new site or you are just curious to know which theme it is. How would you find about the theme used? 

In this article, we will list two methods to detect the WordPress theme.

1) Using the WordPress theme detector online tool

The simple way to detect the WordPress theme is to use the WordPress theme detector online tool. On your search browser, type “WordPress theme detector”, you will get a myriad of tools available. Click on the one you want to try. Enter the URL or domain name of the website and hit submit. In a flash, you will get the comprehensive details of the WordPress theme such as:

You will get all the encompassing information and get the bigger picture of how to search and download the same WordPress theme. The WordPress theme detector online tool is very handy, easy to use and free of cost. Listed below are the 5 widely used online WordPress theme detector tools

1) whattheme.com
2) wpthemedetector.com
3) whatwpthemeisthat
4) theseotools.net/wp-theme-detector
5) Chrome Extension: Scan WP-Detect WordPress themes and Plugins

2) Manually check about the theme

Often website owners change the name of the theme that stops the WordPress theme detector online tool to detect the respective theme. In that case, you can manually check the theme.

About 30% of the internet is using WordPress themes. At times, you definitely wanted to know what theme is this site using, who is the vendor, what is the name, what are the plugins used. Earlier you didn’t know how to do that, but now you can do that using the above information.

We suggest the combination of whattheme.com and wpthemedetector.com, though it’s very difficult to pick only one among so many online tools. For any queries, click on the chat button or send us an email via our contact us page, we will be happy to help you.

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  1. My favorite tool so far is wpthemedetector.com. They seem to be pretty accurate. A new one I found and started using is urlquant.com. They go beyond just themes and plugins.

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