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Spiracle Themes 2.0

November 16, 2016    

  Hey there! We just decided to redesign our website in order to spice things up. Do check out the changes. This is in keeping with our philosophy that a design agency should always be dynamic. After a lot of thought and still more work, this is what we achieved. 1) Clean and modern UI Our user interface has been upgraded to a modern one.The white color and the modern fonts add…    read more 

All you need to know about domains and hosting

October 26, 2016    

  Now that you are determined on creating a website, it is of utmost importance that you know a bit about domains and hosting. So, without further ado let’s begin- What is a domain ? Domains are used to locate particular websites on the internet. One particular domain name in a site address indicates that the site belongs to say, a particular family of websites. Domain names are used to identify one or…    read more 

Just installed WordPress? Now What Next

October 21, 2016    

  So you have a new installation of wordpress in your domain. What to do next? In this post we will help you customize you website a bit. 1) How to login to your Admin panel First things first, log in to your admin panel. To log in,enter the url http://yourdomainname/wp-admin/ or http://yourdomainname/wp-login.php . This will open up a login page. Enter your username and password and press login. Done? Now that you…    read more 

The definite advantages of using WordPress

October 18, 2016    

  If you don’t live under a rock , you probably have heard about wordpress. But if you want a website created using wordpress you got to know more about it. So, what actually is wordpress? WordPress is a Content Management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress came into existence in 2003 when it was created by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a fork of b2/cafeblog. WordPress is open…    read more 

Website Creation Process – How a website is created ?

October 14, 2016    

  Step 1. Project Requirements This the phase when you(client) talks to (Spiracle Themes or any other web design and development agency ). You communicate to us your vision of your future website.Some of the questions you will have to answer are- a) What kind of a business are you i.e.some basic information ? b) What exactly do you want from the website i.e.goals of the website ? c) What is your specific…    read more 

Spiracle Themes – An Introduction

October 12, 2016    

  Hi.We are Spiracle Themes. There’s quite a bit to know about us but first things first.Who are we exactly? At Spiracle Themes you will find the most creative minds. This wonderful creativity is guided by experienced professional theme designers and developers with years of expertise .This combination has and will always produce the most fantastic themes- rich and professional ones and all other varieties carefully tailored to meet your requirements.We primarily focus…    read more 

Why do I need a website ?

October 11, 2016    

  I don’t know why do you need a website.Here’s why I built mine . 1. I don’t want to lose business Most of my potential customers are online .If they don’t find out my website, they will find my competitor’s. Do I want this? 2. Save money I don’t want to be one of those business’s spending millions on brochures. My website is  my cheaper brochure(better too). 3. Corporate Image Now…    read more