Top 7 Useful Tips For Ultimate UX Design Success in 2022

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The growing significance of mobile and web apps indicates how seamless customer experience is today’s major aspect of success. However, the UX design is the magic ingredient in the processes of providing a sleek & standard customer experience in this tech-driven arena.

Wondering how UX design can be so important? Here are some statistics that describe how critical UX design is.

  • 39% of users will stop engaging with content having flaws like slow image loading
  • 88% of users are less likely to come back to the website due to inconsistent or bad user experience
  • Mobile users are 5X more likely to leave a website if it is not optimized for mobile
  • 40% of users leave the website if it is slower and takes more than 3 seconds to load

Clearly, UX design has a significant role to play in both web and mobile app development. However, so many people do not really understand what UX design is and how it is different from web design. While for some, UX design is all about making a website look artistic.

In this article, we will break down the science of UX design and table some tips. So, let’s read further.

Understanding UX Design

Breaking down the term UX design – user experience design. It is all about curating the website’s emotional feel for end-users. If you hire a web app developer, the major goal in this practice should be making users feel delighted, satisfied and encouraging them to come back to the product (mobile app or website).

And! For this, designers strive to use design patterns and page white space eloquently to carve splendid design aesthetics. It comprises everything, branding loading time, text containers, navigation, lists, and content. Everything on the page is placed in a way that users may find the application easy to use. 

Besides, users can spot major CTAs and use features without facing any chaos is the major goal of UX design. Besides, how users get to know about the product can also be part of designing a precise user experience. 

In short, the development team has to keep the product and user experience development in a separate basket. The best practice is to keep UX in mind while developing a website or mobile app and vice versa. That is the reason developers must understand the user experience design.

However, many of you might not be aware of the difference between UX and web design. Let’s take a glimpse into this.

How Web Design is Different from UX Design?

Website design is the name of the practice of designing the front-end of the website. It can be referred to as the user experience development of a website rather than software development (web, mobile, and standalone). Its major focus is to design a website for a desktop browser. However, the practice has undergone a relevant transformation and is now also being used for mobile and tablet, which is referred to as responsive web design.

A web designer curates appearance, layout, and sometimes content on the website in full-stack web development. Colors, font, and images are inclusive of appearance, while the layout is structured of page and categorization.

Here are some major points of difference between UX and web design –

Web DesignUX Design
A design, easy to use, inviting to users, and target the users’ emotionsA design, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for means of business and group of users
User-focused designing – the creation of the design to solve the user’s problem or for which users like to payTechnology-focused design- such as animation support, browser support, coding language support
A multi-disciplinary job that requires knowledge of user psychology, visual design, and sometimes businessA multi-disciplinary job requires knowledge of topography, animation, and coding languages
Its platform-independent design includes mobile, web desktop, and more devicesIt is strictly bound to the browser

So, from above, it would be clear how these practices are solely different from each other. Now, let’s take a glance at some major UX design tips that you should not miss out on in 2022.

7 Most Effective UX Design Tips of 2022

The current era is all about seamless, attractive, and glitch-free user experience in the space of web app development services. Although the users’ expectations are considerably high, user experience design considerations are imminent in all stages of development and up-gradation.

However, chaos like what should be prioritized or what should not always loom over the heads of designers and developers. To mitigate the heat of some chaos, here are user experience tips that can help you make an appealing and aesthetic user experience.

#1 – Prioritize Customer Experience

Most of the apps get deleted because of the most common reason, which is technical issues, so it is critical to understand customer experience through every phase of the life cycle. You need to know that CX is all about users’ interaction with the application, beginning from the consideration stage until support and upgrades.

Top 7 Useful Tips For Ultimate UX Design Success in 2022 3

Ultimately, replacement and removal from use. So, you need to focus on your users’ interaction during all phases, including pre, during, and post they use your application. For example, if your application is an eCommerce solution, think about how it would be easy to purchase and register the application.

Moreover, think about the security, and a large number of sensitive data can be shared over the application. You can already encounter the application that does two-step verification while signing up for the application.

#2 – Validate Your Notion with Actual Users

If you are a developer, you may get the opportunity to meet real-life users, but getting their feedback and being in touch with them is not imminent. Moreover, you can have your own ideas and assumptions over the usability of the solution. 

In most cases (including budget constraints or significant projects), developers mostly query people near them who do not represent any user population. Instead of doing this, having user surveys, support feedback of putting the application into a beta test are the best options.

As you can know about users’ response to the application UX, using social media to show up your design can also turn out effective. You may receive feedback worth giving a thought.

#3 – Focus on Performance of Solution

Performance is as critical as functionality and design and a major key to UX design success. You need to know that users are most likely to abandon an application if it does not load quickly. If a page or application takes more than 2 seconds, the people always assume that it has some issue and leave the page.

So, you must focus on the performance of the solution regarding real-world myths and assumptions. Test on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks and ensure it caters to speed fast results.

#4 – Infuse Content Wisely

Content is the most critical aspect of the page, and usually, users come for the content. Here are some tips that you must follow. 

  • Content should stand out on your page and must be visually prominent 
  • Keep key information and high-priority content first majorly on top of the application page
  • Use color and size to differentiate primary and supporting information
  • Think about location, events, emergency info, phone number, etc. on the mobile page
  • Use simple, obvious terms instead of trendy and jargon terms for navigation

Make sure your content is prominently placed to grab sight and simple enough to understand to general people.

#5 – Think of CTA Button Precisely 

CTA buttons or links are expected to grab attention immediately as they direct users to business gaining content or pages. Thus, you need to think about placing buttons and CTAs on the page in a way that they can appeal to users. Here are some points to consider.

  • Make sure buttons look clickable and have enough size for the user to click comfortably 
  • The button should be large in size and placed in a reachable position to the frequent actions 
  • Background color, borders, and action-oriented labels must be placed in precise typography
  • Make action buttons in contrasting colors for flat designs
  • Infuse visual cue for showing that button is clicked successfully within 0.1-second interaction

#6 – Avoid Using Double Scroll

If you are not aware of a double scroll, then let me tell you that it occurs when you have two scrolls in the same direction, one within the theme frame and one you have a combo of the horizontal and vertical scroll on a screen.

It is a bad example of scrolling and very confusing for users. It can also lead to errors, which can offend users. As per most of the custom web development companies, the use of double scroll averts the use of applications with a touch/swipe user interface. So, if possible, you need to avoid it. Below is the example of Double Scroll –

Top 7 Useful Tips For Ultimate UX Design Success in 2022 6

#7 – Align Fonts for Mobile & Show Error Messages 

These days, mobile, tablets, and laptops are major devices to be used for accessing the application. Thus, your page or web application should look easy to use and particular for every platform. Ensure fonts and graphics are responsive and consider the accessibility setting user has configured.

Besides, do not forget to show an error message when any glitch (expected or unexpected) is encountered by users.


The success secret of a UX design is that it must work for both users and your platform. In essence, a well-designed user experience brings users back to your platform. And, in this endeavor, trimming away aspects that ruin the user journey or achieving a universal design can be a bit murk.

The given tips for UX design will help you infuse key elements in your design and lure the target audience by making interaction fruitful for both users and your business. Web programmers for hire can usually be acquainted with the art of UX design. Although, you need to look for experts who can understand your audience and business pertinently.

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